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Naming Ceremonies


If you have watched The Lion King, you may remember the first scene at Pride Rock, surrounded by all the animals of Africa. The proud father (Mufasa) beams with pride along side his partner and mother (Sarabi) of their cub (Simba) who is lifted by Rifiki and present for all to see.  This is Simba’s welcome to the world, his people, his clan and his family.

A Naming day is a special ceremony that celebrates the most precious and priceless gift in a families life; a child and formally welcomes them into the world.

Surround your child with warmth and love and let them know how important they are. Family and friends are reminded of the joys and responsibilities of raising a child. Mentors or godparents can be chosen and may offer promises or blessings for your child.


This is an opportunity to invite special individuals to become a part of your child’s life, to play a role in mold them into the adult they will become. To support your child and you as parents on the long and sometimes trying road to self-determination.

Naming Days are a modern-day alternative to a christening or baptism and hold no spiritual or legal intent. Ceremonies tend to be non-religious, but they can be tailored to accommodate different cultural traditions, faiths and beliefs of your family.


Not only to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, a naming day can also celebrate the uniting of step or adopted children within a family, or an adult name change; each excellent reasons to hold a naming ceremony.


These ceremonies will always involve family and special friends and there is the opportunity for significant persons to act as sponsors, mentors, and supporters.


I enjoy working with families to create a ceremony and mementos, which reflect the intent of the day, the essence of the family and the positive wishes for a long and healthy future.

“Tracey, conducted our wedding on Saturday 23 June 2012. The actual wedding was a surprise to everyone present who thought they were attending a birthday party! (She definitely knows how to keep a secret) Tracey listened patiently to what we wanted and gave us many suggestions for a ceremony. When I blended them together and made a “short and sweet” version, she was nothing but supportive. We thoroughly appreciate her time and patience and particularly her input and experience throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend her to any couple wanting to tie the knot! Thanks Tracey.”
Nola and Robert Kerridge