That Nice Celebrant



For me a wedding is the beginning of a marriage and a successful marriage is based on knowing who you are, making a commitment to bringing the best out in your partner and respecting each other’s right to individuality. I believe that I can work with you to demonstrate the essence of who you are in your ceremony.
Your wedding does not need to be big or expensive; but it does need to be something of your dreams, something to remember, and something to build your marriage upon, something that is uniquely yours.
Often couples do not know where to start – below are some useful links that may help you on your special day.


Marriage Certificate

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is delivered without gender or religious bias. Devoid of legal status in Australia, it combines the essence of two people who wish to declare to those witness that they choose to spend their lives living together in a life long committed relationship, together. …. read more


How much do you charge

Master of Ceremonies

An experienced Wedding MC is responsible for much more than just making the odd introduction. There is the temptation to leave this responsibility to your Favorite Uncle, Aunt or someone who can speak in public. Let them sit back and enjoy the evening as a guest, not as someone who will have to be on duty all night with a long list of responsibilities.
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Do we have to write our own vows

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming day is a special ceremony that celebrates the most precious and priceless gift in a families life; a child and formally welcomes them into the world. Surround your child with warmth and love and let them know how important they are. Family and friends are reminded of the joys and responsibilities of raising a child. Mentors or godparents can be chosen and may offer promises or blessings for your child
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