About That Nice Celebrant



...that once I retired, I would become a marriage celebrant. In 2009 (a good 16 years before I reach my envisaged retirement) I realised that if I didn’t start the process now, maybe I never would. Having missed out on being the celebrant at the wedding of several of my friends I thought ‘carpe diem’, and signed up for this wonderful part of my life! I love ritual and believe that a ritual performed well; that leaves people feeling listened to, respected and valued; enables the participants to take each step on their journey with a little more confidence; knowing that the foundation has been set solidly with them.

Ritual allows us to recognise the significance of stages in our lives with honour, respect and celebration. It is my aim to ensure that those that I work with create with me a ceremony and ritual that will stay with them as a pleasant memory for many years to come. I aim to create a ceremony that is culturally correct; ensuring that right customs, presentations and inclusions are a part of your ceremony. I am happy to work in a tradition manner and quite happy play outside the box. The choice is ultimately yours. Our lives are punctuated by ritual and ceremony and it is important that when we reflect back on these memories that our thoughts are fond ones. It is my goal to work with you on creating a ceremony and memories that include what is important to you and reflect who you are: That is uniquely yours.

I am a little bit fun, a little bit serious and all the varying degrees in between. If you are looking for a Celebrant that will listen and hear what it is you want from your ceremony, it is my commitment to you, to do that. I am a big fan of marriage, my parents did it, and so did their parents. In fact lots of people I know are married! I get a great level of personal satisfaction in being part of such a wonderful part of people’s live, in fact I see it as an honour.

I have extensive public speaking skills, competing successfully in a number of toastmasters competitions in Mackay. I have taught public speaking, worked as a trainer as well and been engaged for several public speaking events.

For me a wedding is the beginning of a marriage and a successful marriage is based on knowing who you are, making a commitment to bringing the best out in your partner and respecting each other’s right to individuality. I believe that I can work with you to demonstrate the essence of who you are in your ceremony.

Your wedding does not need to be big or expensive; but it does need to be something of your dreams, something to remember, and something to build you marriage upon, something that is uniquely yours.

Tracey, conducted our wedding on Saturday 23 June 2012. The actual wedding was a surprise to everyone present who thought they were attending a birthday party! (She definitely knows how to keep a secret) Tracey listened patiently to what we wanted and gave us many suggestions for a ceremony. When I blended them together and made a “short and sweet” version, she was nothing but supportive. We thoroughly appreciated her time and patience and particularly her input and experience throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend her to any couple wanting to tie the knot! Thanks Tracey.
— Nola and Robert Kerridge