Vow Renewals

Celebrant for Mackay Vow Renewals

How often do we take the time to acknowledge the good things in our lives? A vow renewal is a prefect time to stop, join with those people who are important in you life and safe, I am proud of my spouse and am pleased to be spending it with him/her; celebrate a marriage that has strengthened and grown.

Our wedding day flies by and the time in between has its ups and downs, joys and challenges; You may have been married overseas and want to share in celebration with family once you are home. There may be a significant wedding anniversary or a major life event you have both overcome.

There are more reasons to celebrate so why not take the opportunity and participate in a vow renewal? Celebrate your marriage; confirm to your partner just how much you love them yesterday, today and for all your tomorrows.

Your ceremony can reflect on the highlights of your marriage, reflect elements from your marriage ceremony, tell your partner how much you love them and make renewed promises for the future?

Renewal of Vows can be a small private affair or involve your wider family and friends. These ceremonies have no legal status and this must be reflected in the ceremony.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop a ceremony the reflects the couple you are today, the journey your have travelled and the hopes you have for the future.