Celebrant for Mackay Wedding


You have the biggest things ticked off your list- some one you love and someone who loves you and you have made the decision to spend you life together as husband and wife.

You can get married pretty much anywhere, anyplace with pretty much anyone there – (so long as it isn’t illegal or unsafe), so I guess it’s no surprise that I think one of the most important stepsis to choose your celebrant!

I welcome calls or visits to have a chat and get a feel of how well we will be able to work together. I believe that if we are able to be open and communicate freely, then when you look back on your wedding ceremony in 5 days, 5 years, even 50 years, you can do it with a smile!

My aim is to work with you, to develop an understanding of the process and legal requirements that ensure you have a  stress-free ceremony experience, that is uniquely yours.



What do we have to do legally?

Complete the Notice Of Intention to Marry – Completed a minimum of one month prior to your wedding date this will require you to bring along Photo ID, a registered Birth Certificate and maybe a passport and divorce papers if applicable. As we move through the process, we will talk out how the other legal requirements of your wedding ceremony are achieved with the minimum of fuss while creating a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

Do I need a witness?

Sure do, your two witnesses needs to be over the age of 18 and be present and able to observe the wedding ceremony. This person does not have to be part of the wedding party, but can be.

How long will the ceremony take?

This is dependent on what you want. I worked with a couple who just wanted the legal components fulfilled and this took no longer that 5 minutes. That being said the average length of a ceremony; from the start of the bride’s arrival until you are introduced as Mr. & Mrs. (including the signing of the register) takes around twenty to forty minutes.

The time a ceremony takes is up to you; it can take longer or shorter. For me twenty minutes is a nice length of time; it validates the significance of the event, the amount of time and work you have both put in to planning this day, as well as the effort your guest have made to be there looking their best!

What happens in the ceremony?

There are words that are required to be spoken during the ceremony to ensure that it is legal, however generally there is a welcome, some reflections on marriage and how you both came to this point in your lives, there is the exchanging of wedding rings (if wanted) vows ( if wanted) maybe some I Do’s (if wanted) , signing of the marriage register and of course there is the “you can Kiss the bride ( again if you want) and the introduction of the couple as husband and wife!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Tracey on behalf of Andrew and myself, you are a truly kind, genuine and loving lady! If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have the memories we do today so once again, from the bottom to the top of our hearts thank you for being not only our wedding celebrant but a wonderful person.
— Patrice and Andrew

Final words of advice

Remember it is your wedding day! There are lots of customs you can follow and there will be lots of people telling you what you should do, remember at the end of the day it is about you two!