So What's Your Backup Plan?


As I sit hear, enjoying the gentle rain on our roof, I am reminded of the ‘back up plan’. My theory is, that if you have one you may never have to use it, but if you don’t…’

When it comes to the prefect-wedding day, there are lots of things you have control over, but the weather isn’t one of them! I have worked with many couples now and there is a general theme that has emerged. For the most part it’s about finding some shade or relief from the heat. But during certain months of the year, we have… the Wet Season!

There are the wedding where is about the WHERE. Recently working with an overseas couple whose dream included the blue seas and palm trees in thebackground, things weren’t looking to optimistic! Come hell or high water that was what they wanted. One couple pushed their wedding ceremony back, several days, giving the weather time to blow itself out! We were all fortunate that this could be easily accommodated. And yes they did get the most picture perfect wedding photo, now displayed on a sideboard in Germany somewhere.

Another couple, hearts set on the tropical north Queensland backdrop, half-heartedly embraced the indoor back up plan. Recognizing that it was a workable option and at the end of the day, they wanted to be married to each other. Well the weather Gods and Goddesses were on their side that day. We (myself, the decoration and function coordinator) stood and watched a royal blue thunder cloud journey it way across the horizon. We were all aware of the plan should the drops become bigger than the sporadic spit, umbrella perched just in case.

But the cloud took itself off the north and there was not a drop to fall on the brides veil.
Having just brought their dream block of land, the next couple were adamant that that was where they were going to be married. The bamboo arbor was draped with re enforced plastic, umbrellas and gumboots were the fashion statement of the day. After the words were spoken, rings exchanged and the register signed, I turned to introduce the bride and groom as Mr. and Mrs. to find their guests had legged it for higher and dryer ground! But the smiles on the faces of the newly weds were as wide of any couple I have every joined in marriage. (Oh and did I mention I got bogged on the way out!!! )

You just need to make the decision, prior to your wedding day, about what you want as the back up plan. With fingers eyes and toes crossed, you wont need it, but there is nothing more stressful and disheartening to have to think up plan B when you just want to have a wonderful day. With a Plan B stashed away, just in case, when you look back in 20 to 30 years, you will be able to smile and know that you have the wedding day you planned!

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