How Much Do You Charge?


It’s a logical question, especially if you are planning a wedding and needing to keep to a budget. The frustration comes with the simplicity of the question. You don’t go into the mechanics and say how much to fix my car, without expecting the mechanic to have a look and see what this issue is. Same with booking service providers for your wedding day. The first thing to remember is that price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing a celebrant. This person will be a part of your wedding day memories for the rest of your life so you need to make sure that they are someone that you can feel comfortable with, who will listen and hear what it is you want while ensuring that the legalities of your ceremony are followed through.

So here are a few tips for researching a celebrant for your wedding:-

When you make contact, provide some basic information so that they are able to answer your question.

  • We will need to know when your wedding date and time of the ceremony is (we may already be fully booked for that day),
  • we will also need to know where your ceremony will be conducted, to allow for the calculation of travel time and associated costs and
  • we may also need to know if you have any special requirements; for example is there a specific theme or cultural requirement that you would like your celebrant to prepare for?

With this information your celebrant is able to ensure that not only are they available on that date but are they able and prepared to be a part of your big day. With this in mind you will get a more accurate quote regarding their quote.

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