So Many Celebrants... Just One to Choose!


One of the most crucial choices in the planning process is the celebrant. Without them, you’re just planning an awesome party and while you’ll be the best dress people there, the goal is to get married.

So here are a few things to consider.

Step 1

Don’t be a tyre kicker – Do your research, visit their web page, seek feedback, check out the facebook page/twitter/instagram account. Ask yourself – do you like the way they use words, when you look at this Pic – how do you feel? Is there feedback on their page? Do you know someone that has used their services before? – talk to them. Have a phone conversation? How promptly did they reply and how did their reply make you feel? Once you have narrowed down the list to your top two or three choices – make an appointment and keep it.
Each of us have busy lives and not much time to throw away and as important as your celebrant choice is, they also have things to be done in their lives. In preparation for your visit, they will ensure that their office is tidy and welcoming, that the information that you have is available etc. – for a one-hour visit it takes at least another hour in the lead up and finish up for the celebrant.

Step 2

know what you want to know (or at the very least what you don’t want) Your average celebrant is usually a personable character and has the gift of the gab, so will probably be able to answer your questions without you needing to ask. But there are the things that are important to you –i.e.:
• If the celebrant becomes unwell on the day?
• what’s their back up plan?
• What do they wear on the day (how do you feel about a celebrant wearing white?)?
• What does their fee cover?
• What happens if you have to postpone your ceremony for some reason?

Step 3

Take some thinking time but let your celebrant know when you will let them know (one way or the other). While we are service providers we do have feelings and pride ourselves on our professionalism and interpersonal skills so its respectful to let us know when you have made your decision –doesn’t have to be a phone call – a polite text or email will do the job. This is also a great way to begin your relationship with your celebrant, honest and prompt communication will make sure you are both on the same page which can only lead to good things.

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